O3 Health and Fitness is a fun and inviting fitness experience in which members can achieve individualized training, coaching, and guidance from a caring and supportive team of experts. O3 Health and Fitness coaches are well trained, highly experienced and dedicated professionals who strive to help people feel better physically.

The O3 model is unique in that we help people feel healthy and be healthy rather than focusing on a specific number on a scale or what clothes a person may wear. O3 is also unique in that members engage with a team of expert coaches who work together to challenge and guide you to achieve your goals.

In short, O3 Health and Fitness is an exciting and effective way for members to grow into a healthier fitness lifestyle so they can achieve their goals and Feel Healthy and Live Better

???????????????????????????????Our Vision

Having spent many years as a fitness enthusiast and trainer I started O3 Health and Fitness in 2006 with a vision for creating a different kind of experience for people seeking health and vitality. My vision has been to create an individualized way for people to get into shape and stay in shape that is both fun and effective. Our motto, “Live Life Better” expresses what we strive to help our members accomplish each day.

We invite you to come work with our team of trainers and discover how the O3 system can work for you.

Keith Wimsett,

Owner O3 Health & Fitness


Four Strategies for Managing Your Fitness


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